cogap-11Mara Sfara: Artful Whimsy- CNN iREPORT
Nov 13, 2012- “Art has the ability to create another world; a world constructed by
the artist themselves. It is an invitation to find the story and participate in an…”


Mara Explains her Artwork

The Whimsical World of Sculptor and Painter Mara Sfara- The Examiner
Feb 20, 2012- “Mara Sfara always dreamed of being an artist. Throughout her childhood and teenage years, she always did artwork. She studied English, Film Criticism and Fine Arts at the University of Rochester, NY, and then obtained her Master’s in Fine Arts from prestigious New York University…”

Artist Mara Sfara Displays Whimsical Bronze Sculptures in New York Show
“Through her signature emphasis on hands and expression, Sfara creates exaggerated, yet very realistic sculptures…”

Mara Sfara- The Art Career Project
“It’s not exactly a secret that sculptures are some of the hardest art forms to create. It takes incredible skill, attention to detail, and patience to craft an aesthetically pleasing and detailed sculpture from bronze, or wood, or another material…”

Member Profile on Salmagundi
Connecticut-based artist and sculptor Mara Sfara has loved all forms of art even at a young age. She carried that love over into her formal education when she 

Mara Sfara: Telling Stories Through Sculpture

Mythology & Magic at Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury

An artist and her hand-crafted gods

Whimsical Sculptures are Featured in “Expressions,” a Collection of Works by Artist Mara Sfara, on Exhibit at the QCC Art Gallery

Artist Profile: Mara Fine Art

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